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General Information

VolleyFX is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization that is operated by a full-time Club Director, Executive Board of Directors and an Advisory Board.

Our mission is to be the premier girls volleyball club in New York State by providing a variety of opportunities for players to learn, experience and compete in the sport of volleyball.

Our in-season members experience an in-depth training environment and a competitive tiered team structure to further the individual growth of each player, as well as a rewarding team. Our training is comprehensive for each player to get the most out of it and our new program options provide choice and flexibility to best meet the varying needs of our community.

Our out-of-season hosted activities give our organization the opportunity to grow the game by providing additional opportunities to play during the entire year. Camps, clinics, leagues and tournaments are hosted for all age levels.

New Home

Our long awaited move to the Pinnacle Athletic Campus is finally here! Pinnacle will open this fall and we plan to be officially moved into the facility by the end of tryouts.

Pinnacle will be the long-term home of VFX. The facility has six courts in their main building as well as an indoor track, second floor viewing level, offices and meeting rooms and is located on Phillips Rd in Victor, NY

Our community has shown great patience over the past two years and we know the complex will be well worth the wait! We will announce Pinnacle's grand opening this fall and invite our VFX community to participate in the event with us as we make our official move into Pinnacle.


VolleyFX will host six tryout dates (two per month) this fall that will take place September, October and November. During each tryout, our coaches will be evaluating all players and making team selections.

VFX offers multiple teams and program structures for each age group and our tryouts are separated by these options. To determine which tryout(s) your daughter should attend, visit the programs section to see which program and age group is the right one for her and then use the chart below to find which dates to be in the gym.

Complete Tryout Schedule (click for printable PDF Version)

Date Location Teams
September 13 Armory 8am – 10am: 181, 182, 18R
9am – 11am: 171, 161, 162, 16R, 151
10am – 12pm: 11’s, 12’s, 141, 142, 131
September 27 Armory [8am – 9am: 181, 182, 18R]
9am – 11am: 171, 161, 162, 16R, 151
October 4 Armory 8am – 10:30am: [162, 16R,151]
141,142, 131
October 25 Pinnacle 8am – 10:30am: [141,] 142, [131]
All 11’s -12s
November 1 Pinnacle 8am – 10:30am: 15R, 14R, 13R
November 15 Pinnacle 8am – 10:30am: 15R, 14R, 13R

Before attending a VFX tryout

  1. All players must fill out our online Tryout Registration Form prior to attending a tryout. This form includes valuable player preferences and contact information that we are able to use to run the best tryout possible. The link to the tryout registration form can be found at the top of our website.
  2. All VolleyFX tryouts are color coordinated by grade. Use the table below to know which color shirt to wear.
    Grade Color
    Senior Green
    Junior Blue
    Sophomore Yellow
    Freshman Red
    8th Grade Green
    7th Grade Blue
    6th Grade Yellow
    5th Grade Red
    4th Grade Green
  3. VolleyFX is a USAV registered organization and all players must have a USAV membership for the upcoming season at the tryout. There are two memberships that players can decide to sign up for prior to tryouts. The first is the full year membership that is great for players that know they will play club volleyball this year and the second is the tryout membership that is great for players interested in club for the first time. The tryout membership is only valid during tryouts and is upgradeable via the WEVA website for when players make the decision to play for the entire year.

    All WEVA membership registrations take place directly on the WEVA website ( and all membership questions can be directed to the WEVA Commissioner, John Hughes.

  4. VolleyFX charges each player 13's - 18's a one-time $40 tryout fee in order to cover the facility rental costs to host our tryouts. At the first tryout, players need to bring proof of their WEVA membership and their tryout fee (cash or checks made payable to VolleyFX) to the check in table.

We encourage players to attend all tryouts for the age and program they are interested in. If there is a reason your player cannot be in attendance at a tryout, we ask families to contact Club Director, Lindsey Schlegel, about the conflict to make sure our staff is aware of the player's absence.


Age Definition Chart

VolleyFX is a member organization under USA Volleyball and the age group your daughter qualifies to play for is determined by the USA Age Definition Chart.

To view the chart and determine the age group for your daughter use the Age Definition Chart (click for a printable pdf) and your daughter's birth year and month.


USA Volleyball has announced that Nationals for the 18 Open, USA and National divisions will take place at the end of April starting this year. Based on the shortened 18U season, VolleyFX will adjust our 181 team to be for seniors only and our 182 and 18R team structure to be determined during the tryout process based on player feedback. Our 182 and 18R teams have historically been combined teams made up of juniors and seniors. Since the teams are in different programs and offer different options to the players, we will use the tryout process to determine what is best for all the players involved.

If the teams remain combined, we will work with the teams to make schedules that work best for each group. If the tryout process determines all 18s teams will be seniors only, then we will add either a 172 or 17R team to our program structure to provide a playing opportunity for the juniors that would have been on those teams in our previous structure.

The season will run December - April and once the season is completed, all athletes will be invited to continue to train with our teams and attend our open gyms to stay connected to the game as they prepare to join their college teams the following fall.

13's - 17's

VFX will support travel and regional teams in the 13's - 17's age groups this year, with our anticipated teams in each program listed below:

Travel Teams: 171, 161, 162, 151, 141, 142, 131

Regional Teams: 16R, 15R, 14R, 13R

*Possible addition of a 172 or a 17R team (see 18's program description above for more details)

Travel teams will participate in a mix of local and travel events during the season. These teams will be exposed to competition in the Northeast and Midwest through their travel events and will compete locally for a bid to represent VFX at Nationals. At local events, our travel teams often will play up an age group in order to seek the best competition possible for the team. At travel events the team will room together and costs for each travel event will include the three player rooms, one coach's room and one chaperone room.

The 162 and 142 travel teams have a new structure for the 2015-16 season. Our 162 team will be made up of the best combination of players in grades 9 and 10 and our 142 team will be made up of the best combination of players in grades 7 and 8. Any player that is not offered a spot in the travel program will be encouraged to participate in the regional program.

Regional teams will attend most of their tournaments in either Buffalo or Rochester. Their schedule will potentially include 1-2 out of the area events that are within a four-hour driving distance for families. Regional teams will compete at their own age for all events and will be responsible to make their own individual hotel arrangements for the travel events. The team costs will include the coach's hotel room whenever it is necessary.

Both programs will run December - Mid May. Teams that qualify or choose to participate in a post - season event will continue to practice through June in preparation for the event.

11's - 12's

The biggest improvement for our 2015-16 season falls in our 11's - 12's program. The season will now be split into two segments to give our players a better training environment and increased flexibility, provide more players the opportunity to play and include a competitive travel structure for the second part of the year.

To participate in the VolleyFX 11's-12's program, players should plan to attend both fall sessions (taking place during VFX tryouts) and complete their online sign up and payment for session 1 by Friday, November 20.

Session 1: The first session will run December - February and is our skill development and training program. During the three months, players participate in practices 2x a week that are run by our lead program coaches in a group-training environment. The group training will include large and small group instruction that allow multiple coaches to work with each athlete.

Through high repetition and individual player feedback, the session will focus on developing the core skills and techniques of the game in each individual player. Our players will see the greatest individual growth and develop a strong knowledge of the skills that will lead to long-term success with the sport.

All players will participate in 3-4 tournaments and teams for each tournament in session 1 may not stay exactly the same. Families will know what events are on the schedule by December, just not their daughter's specific team for the event. Team makeups during the session can change as we want to give each player the opportunity to continue to improve in the training environment and the improvements can change team structures. During session 1, teams will be split evenly within large groups. Prior to a tournament, the top 16-20 athletes will be split into two even teams, and then next 16-20 athletes will be split into two even teams and so on. Teams will aim to have 8-10 players on them to allow for the maximum playing time at the tournament. With smaller team sizes, there will be an increase in playing time for all players.

Session 2: The second session will run March - Mid May and players that are interested in continuing to play in this session must sign up by Friday, February 12, 2016 (more details on this sign up will be communicated during the year).

For this session, players will be put on set, competitively selected teams that will be determined from the Session 1 training. Our session 2 focus is to expose the players to competitive team strategy and game play, allowing athletes to get valuable experience in a team setting.

Each team will have a set coaching staff, hold their own individual team practices and player positions may be more fixed. Teams will participate in 4-5 tournaments that can include up to two travel events. Any player that wishes to continue playing in the second session is welcome to join but teams will be made with a competitive mindset that groups the most similar players on each team.

10U and Volleykids Programs

The VFX 10U and VolleyKids programs are for our youngest athletes in the club! Both programs run 1x per week from January - April and are open to both boys and girls. The 10U program is for players in 3rd and 4th grade and Volleykids is for players K-2nd.

The total cost is $150 and players participate in an hour and a half of practice each week and receive a VFX t-shirt. To sign your player up parents just need to email Director Lindsey Schlegel with the players name, grade, age, t-shirt size and parent contact info.


VolleyFX is completely transparent in our cost communication to our members. Our costs are separated into three categories for the year. The details are given below and shown clearly in our 2015-16 Costs.

Tryout Fees: All players 13's - 18's will pay a one-time $40 tryout fee at the first tryout they attend. This fee is directly applied to covering the facility costs of hosting tryouts.

Club Dues: All participating players pay club dues that vary slightly between the different programs and ages. Dues for all players go towards the same four categories; facility rent, gear, USAV fees and equipment and coaches' fees. The cost chart separates out the specific amount that is charged per team for each of the above categories.

Travel / Tournament Costs: These costs are given for each team in a range because all costs are estimated until the tournament's completion. The costs that go into these ranges include the entry fee for the event, the coaches' stipend (food and gas money) and the hotel costs (if the tournament is out of the area). The cost chart includes the estimated number of travel events and estimated total number of tournaments for each team during the year.

Hotel Costs: All VFX travel teams will room as a team for travel events. Their hotel costs will include three team rooms, one coach's room and one chaperone room. All regional players will be responsible for their own hotel arrangements for travel events and their hotel costs will include the cost for one coach's room.

Coming Soon

  1. Practice Schedules
  2. Coach Assignments:
  3. 181 - Matt Barr and Katie Plukas

    182 - Kelly Greapentrog, Jen Salmon and Brian Tyler

    171 - Lindsey Schlegel and Mary Cushman

    161 - Cindy D'Errick, Tara Jehlen and Nicksen Sivongsa

    162 - Freeman Fessler and Emily Crosby

    151 - Tom Carroll and Jaime Snyder

    141 - Matt Glover, Amanda Sedore and Katy Herbst

    142 - Pete DeWitte and Scott Majka

    131 - Lyndsey Willams, Marc CAllari and Ron Cappellino

    11's / 12's Lead Coaches - Cindy D'Errico, Lindsey Schlegel, MJ Hoffman, Mark Thomey, DAve D'Errico and Leigh Herkamp

    11's / 12's Assistants - Brianna Spears, Erin Gerig,Danielle Reid, Mike Coburn, Shannon Ryan and Ashleigh Baldwin

    18R - Bret Conklin and Kimberly Golding

    16R - Laura Thiele and Kendall Havener

    15R - Megan Lazarro and Maggie Concannon

    14R - Erica Stickler and Jasmine DAvis

    13R - Jess Simonetti and Jeff Orbaker

Common Questions

Can I join VFX if during the season I want to participate in other activities, such as other sports (school or club), my school's musical, or any other school / club sponsored activity?

Yes. Our mission is to provide the opportunity for athletes to participate in the sport of volleyball and have a great experience. Through the opportunity we provide, we do not limit our athletes from joining in any other activities they desire to participate in. We know the value of a well-rounded athlete, and majority of our players do many other school and non-school related activities during our season!

This past year at every level (travel 1's / travel 2's / regional) and every age (11's - 18's) we had players participating in other activities during our season. We will communicate all of our scheduled practices and tournaments by the beginning of November and at this time, we ask our athletes to schedule a meeting with their coach and Club Director to review all conflicts. The meeting will be used to put a plan in place on how each conflict will be resolved. We understand there are times the player will miss one of our scheduled events for another commitment and vice-versa.

If you do not have details about a potential conflict prior to the season, we ask our athletes to communicate the conflict with their coach, and once details are in hand a meeting can be scheduled to put a plan in place. We aim to resolve all potential conflicts prior to the season to eliminate a conflict ever being a stressor for one of our athletes.

What is WEVA? Why do I need it and how do I complete my daughter's registration?

WEVA is one of 40 Regional Association through USA Volleyball and stands for Western Empire Volleyball Association. VolleyFX is a registered USA Volleyball organization and WEVA is the governing body that VFX falls under.

As a USAV organization, all of our members (players, coaches and any adult affiliates) must be USAV registered members to participate. To complete the USAV registration, our members use the WEVA website and can follow the steps below:

Go to

Click on the registration link on the left side of the page

Choose Current, Renewing or First-Time

Fill in all the required information.

On the second page, mark VolleyFX as your club choice.

Complete the payment and then you are all set!

The cost of the full membership for our players 12+ is $62.00. The youth membership for player's ages 9-11 is $15, and players 8 and under is free.

If you are brand new to club volleyball and unsure if your daughter is going to commit to the full year there is also a tryout membership. This membership is $15, and is only for players unsure if they are going to play club volleyball this year. This membership must be upgraded to the full membership once a player commits to a team for the season. The upgrade cost is $47, to bring the total cost to $62.

All players must have their WEVA registration completed for the 2015-16 season prior to attending a tryout this fall.

What happens if at tryouts there are enough players for a team that is not listed on the team list for the upcoming year?

Each year as we prepare our details for the upcoming year we do our best to predict the numbers and teams we will offer for the year. As we enter tryouts, we evaluate these decisions again to decided if there are any adjustments to be made.

If we have enough players in the correct postions to add a team that was not on our original list we wll do our best to have that team. Our main goal is to provide athletes in our area the opportunity to play, learn and love the game of volleyball and if we are able to add a team during the tryout process we will do so.

Once we know we have enough players to field another team, then we work our hardest to make sure we have a solid coaching staff and practice time for the team. Historically, we have always been able to find the resources we need for a team if there are enough players to field it at the tryout.

If you do not see a team on our list that your daughter would qualify for, please do not worry. We will use our tryout process to solidify our teams for the year and do our best to help each athlete find the best fit team for them for the year.

Why does VolleyFX run tournaments and why do the VFX parents volunteer for them?

VolleyFX runs two major tournaments each year as a club fundraiser. The first tournament brings in 100 teams and the second brings in 150. For our events, we use multiple playing sites in the Rochester area and need all the parents to help volunteer for the weekend's to run successfully.

The funds raised through the events serve two main purposes for our organization. Facility costs are the greatest costs our players incur during the year, so we use the funds raised from our events to subsidize and lower these costs for our members. The second purpose is for VFX to have a full-time Club Director. Our full-time Director position provides a valuable benefit to our families with no increased costs for the position. Our families have a point of contact all year and VFX is able to provide consistent volleyball opportunities to our community.

Can VFX help me if my goal is to play in college?

Yes we can! We offer full recruiting services to any of our athletes that are interested in our help. VFX has been helping athletes find the right home for college for over 12 years, and our experience and contacts in the college world help us to be able to continue to be the best resource for our athletes.

We have developed a recruiting process that we begin talking to our families about during their sophomore year in the club. From there, we are able to guide each player individually through her own recruiting process. Each player's recruiting experience is different and we have the tools be there along the way for each player that is interested. VFX players have continued their playing career at each college level, so we are prepared to meet the needs of each player that comes through the club!