VolleyFX is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization that is operated by a full-time Club Director and an Executive Board of Directors.

Our mission is to be the premier girls volleyball club in New York State by providing a variety of opportunities for players to learn, experience and compete in the sport of volleyball.

Our in-season members experience an in-depth training environment and a competitive tiered team structure to further the individual growth of each player, as well as a rewarding team. Our training is comprehensive for each player to get the most out of it and our new program options provide choice and flexibility to best meet the varying needs of our community.

Our out-of-season hosted activities give our organization the opportunity to grow the game by providing additional opportunities to play during the entire year. Camps, clinics, leagues and tournaments are hosted for all age levels.

If you are looking for a comprehensive club environment with dedicated coaches and athletes, then look no further - VolleyFX is the club for your family.

Our Mission

Be the premier girls volleyball club in New York State by providing the best service, coaching, training and overall volleyball product, both on and off the court. Enhance the student-athlete's life skills through:

  • The teaching of Athletes' Ethics - be fair, respectable, responsible and hard working.
  • Providing solid athletic development through strength, conditioning and on-court teaching.
  • Allowing for personal development and growth into their next endeavor, either their next grade or college.

Our Family

Our player base consists of the top athletes from all over the greater Rochester area. Athletes choose to join the VolleyFX family to become a part of the experience and dedication that all our current players, parents and coaches in the club create. Although our athletes vary in age, skill and recognition, all of them boast the same attributes - dedication and commitment to physical, mental and skill development. We pride ourselves in coach retention, development and improvement. All of our coaches are at least IMPACT certified, with a significant amount also being CAP I certified. Our head coaches have played/coached for greater than 10 years each, and bring that knowledge and experience to the training environment. Each year we succeed in creating a family atmosphere for our players, parents and coaches to be a part of. We rely on each other across teams for support through all successes and disappointments the only way a family can. This type of environment is a truly unique quality that VolleyFX is proud to call it's own.

Our Philosophy

VFX is based on a training philosophy that includes four key elements: attitude, commitment, fitness and education. We use these elements to train dedicated and caring young women to have physical well- being. The value of hard work is portrayed in all aspects of our training as we link it into our teaching of the sport. We use athletic training, team skills development, life lessons, family importance, and skills in developing lasting friendships, as well as focusing on dedication to school to give our athletes a thorough understanding about the benefits of hard work.

Overall, we train our athletes and teams to have confidence and presence by playing big, playing aggressive, and playing together. We teach each team in a variety of techniques, but always reinforce the principle of controlling our bodies, controlling the ball, and controlling the game. Our focus and progression for each team in practice and teachings is from base skills first, to aggressive skills and finally on to advanced strategies.