VFX Training Options

On top of our mandatory team practices, we highly encourage all VFX athletes to participate in strength, agility, quickness and injury prevention type training. This type of training will help our athletes further advance their volleyball skills as the physical improvements will translate directly to their skills on the court. The training is also largely effective in injury prevention as the athletes are developing all core muscles and movements that help their body to react and prevent injury while playing.

The three options below are recommended options by VolleyFX. They are trusted resources that we believe in and would encourage all VFX athletes to look into for their training needs. We understand that the Rochester area has many other options for athletes to train with, so using one of these resources is not mandatory, but encouraged as we know our athletes would experience quality training.

PCX Sports Performance

  • Website: http://www.pcxsports.com
  • Location: 847 Holt Road, Webster, NY 14580
  • Phone: 585-545-4456
  • Info about their training:
    • Our highly credentialed and experienced staff will give each athlete the individual attention they deserve to reach their goals. Our semi private training sessions allow each athlete to get the hands-on, individualized program they need, but in a format that is cost effective. No need to find a training partner; just register online and book yourself into a session. Have a friend or teammate that wants to train with you? Just go online an register for the same session and be prepared to push each other for even better results!
  • To sign up - visit the website or call!

Next Level Strength and Conditioning

UR Medicine - Sports Medicine

Bridge Athletics

  • Website: https://www.bridgeathletic.com/onboarding/volleyball
  • Location: Online - this training option uses an app to gain information on work out equipment available to each individual athlete. From there, the individual will receive a work out that is specific to volleyball training and the equipment each athlete has at their disposal.
  • Info about their training:
    • Individuals can sign up for this training on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis. Once the athlete is completely signed up, their membership will get them 3 work outs per week sent to them for them to complete and a way for them to track all results. By using the promo code CoachSteve they will get one month free if they sign up for the quarterly or yearly membership option.
  • To sign up - go to https://www.bridgeathletic.com/onboarding/volleyball